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Our Purpose


The Akron Derbytown Chorus represents the Akron Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Our purpose is to support and promote the Barbershop style of a cappella harmony among men of all ages who love to sing.


The Purpose of the Barbershop Harmony Society:

It's a hard fact of our culture today that recreational singing is on the decline. Families no longer gather 'round the piano for a little pleasure singing. When school budgets are cut, the arts are the first to go. We are rapidly becoming a culture of listeners--rather than singers--content to let others make music for us.

The Barbershop Harmony Society believes it can be otherwise. Our mission is to "perpetuate the old American institution, the Barbershop quartet, and to promote and encourage vocal harmony and good fellowship among its members throughout the world by the formation... of local chapters and districts... to hold annual local, district, state, national and international contests in quartet and chorus singing; to encourage and promote the education of its members and the public in music appreciation...of Barbershop quartet and chorus singing..."

Barbershop Harmony Society Vision Statement :


"The Society is to be an ever-growing fraternity of Barbershop-style singers, leading the cause of encouraging vocal music in our schools and communities. The Society's motto summarizes this lofty goal in five simple words: "Keep the Whole World Singing!"

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